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LoRa 443 benefits

Specification LoRa modulation is used Multicast/broadcast Configurable confirmation modes: with or without ACK Configurable bandwidth: 125kHz (lower data rate, longer range) – 500 kHz (higher data rate, shorter range) Configurable spreading factor: SF7 (higher data rate, shorter range) – SF12 (lower data rate, longer range) Configurable TX power: 2 dBm – 17dBm Configurable channels: 15…

By Daniel Moraczewski April 5, 2019 0

What is CANx and why do we need it?

Before I start convincing you to the canX technology let me first tell you how did I come to my conclusions. For several years I worked as a system integrator doing projects on my own. Most of them were commercial and some of them were residential buildings. For example, I worked on schools, university campuses,…

By Daniel Moraczewski October 11, 2018 8

CANx introduction

Our job is done!  We have spent 2 years on CANx and finally we are ready to show this technology to the world. We don’t like wasting time so we wouldn’t have posted this if we’ve created another KNX or ModBus. CANx has been designed taking into account both current and upcoming feature requirements for…

By Daniel Moraczewski September 21, 2018 2